REVIEW: “An Object of Beauty” by Steve Martin

I finally finished! I never thought a book this thin would take me so long to complete…

“An Object of Beauty” is available from both Amazon and Barnes&Noble in paperback and e-book format. You can find the hardbacks as well, but you might be buying from outside dealers with whom both those corporations do business.

My rating out of 5: 3

A Note on “Gone with the Wind” and “Vanity Fair”:
They’re both considered classics and they’re both bricks of novels, so if you plan to read them, be prepared for their size. I will say that both their leads are fascinating studies in writing these dominating female leads, but I know I would rather read and be hanging with Scarlett O’Hara versus Becky Sharp, who falls much more into the realm of an anti-heroine. Both have strong and weak points, so I would rate “Gone with the Wind” at a 3.5 and “Vanity Fair” at a 3.

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