REVIEW: “Love in the Time of Global Warming” by Francesca Lia Block

“For a friend with an understanding heart is worth no less than a brother.” – The Odyssey

My rating out of 5: 5

Pair with: The Odyssey by Home (trans. Robert Fagles)

Brief thoughts on The Odyssey:
While The Iliad is my favourite Homeric epic, Odysseus’ journey is very, very close in second. It’s the base for some of the best and favourite stories told even today, and basically invented (or at least perfected) the ‘road trip’ or ‘journey home’ plotline. I noted the Fagles translation above because it’s my personal favourite of all the different ones — it not only properly and accurately handles the ancient greek, but it also has a beautifully novelistic style. Gotta give that classic a out of 5.


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