January Book Wrap-Up + A Note on “How” I Read

2 thoughts on “January Book Wrap-Up + A Note on “How” I Read

  1. As a literature student…I really wish I could read as fast as you! That would have made the last four years of university so much easier! I probably read slower when it is books that I am studying because I am conscious that I have to really absorb all of the information for essays and class, but even for leisure reading (whatever that is…it’s been four years since I’ve done any!) I am still a really slow reader! Maybe I will get quicker once uni ends and I start working my way through the mass of books that I have collected over the last four years but not had time to read… you’d probably get through them all in one year! I’ve got enough to last the rest of my life I’m sure!

    1. I know the feeling! Unless I found books I studied particularly interesting or engrossing, I definitely read those slower than anything else — except perhaps textbooks, but I suppose that’s in the same realm of “books for school.” If it’s any consolation: I did not read a good deal of books for leisure while I was at uni because I had neither the time nor the inclination. I was studying film and, like you, literature, so I think that the overexposure to written and visual media via my studies drained me so that, once out of class, I had no interest in reading on my own. As you can imagine, I also ended up accumulating a massive TBR pile. It’s gone down a bit, but it’s still pretty massive — like you said: “enough to last the rest of my life, I’m sure!” 🙂

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