May Wrap-Up

4 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up

  1. I also preordered the signed copy from Barnes and noble. I ordered on March sixth. I had it shipped to home. I got an email saying it was delayed and when I called to ask them about it they told me it sold out and they shipped them on a first come first serve basis… clearly not the case since I ordered on the day they listed iron their web site!!!! Sooo annoyed! Anyways, apparently they received another shipments of the signed books because they FINALLY shipped mine on Friday, but it still hasn’t arrived.

    1. I’m jealous — mine hasn’t even shown that it’s shipped! It’s just “CONFIRMED” and I’m like: “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?” I’m praying that, by some miracle, it just appears in my local store while I’m on vacation and I can come back to it being there. I have beyond low expectations for that happening, but it would be nice. Then I could just happily exchange my copies and forget this whole pre-order mess — a mess which really didn’t need to happen. But I’m glad that yours got shipped out! 🙂

      1. Well I still haven’t received the durn book! But yeah, it’s supposed to arrive on Wednesday so at least there is that. I actually just posted a vlog and I talk all about the craptastic mess that is B&N customer care 🙂
        Anyhoo… I hope you get your book & that you love it Oh, so much!!!

      2. Thanks a ton! Apparently it arrived at the store while I was on vacation, so I’m going to pick it up tomorrow! I’m quite excited 🙂

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