Review: Don’t Look Back

Don't Look Back
Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I’ve done it: I’ve finally found that Jennifer L. Armentrout book that I liked. I should have known I was just reading in the wrong genre. For the uninitiated: Ms. Armentrout is probably best known for her YA paranormal romance novels. I know, I know…you’re already shaking your head. Me? Para-rom novels? No wonder I wasn’t enjoying anything. But I kept trying — I really wanted to like this author whom so many people on BookTube just raved about. And, now, I’ve finally done it.

I won this copy in one of Martina Boone’s many contests during her “Compulsion for Reading” lead-up to the publication of her own YA novel, COMPULSION — which is wicked fun, so give it a read — and it’s been sitting on my TBR shelf, staring at me ever since. Well, as it was a gloomy, rainy day, I figured it was the perfect time to whip on this thriller.

And it was SO MUCH FUN! Thrillers in general can be very hit-or-miss with me, but I found this book addictive. Did I call the mystery early on? Yeah, I got about 98% of it — I was off on a few details — but I didn’t really care. I got invested in Sam’s search for the truth and her shifting relationships with the people in her life. It was fast, fun, and a creepy ride. Everything I’d want a psychological thriller to be. I hope Ms. Armentrout writes more novels like this one, because I’d totally be on board for them.

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