Review: Starflight

Starflight by Melissa Landers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**Thank you so much to Disney Hyperion for providing me a digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley for the purposes of review**

Melissa Landers’ space pirate adventure-romance is the book you didn’t realize you needed until you finished it. I’ll admit, I have not yet read Ms. Landers’ Alienated series and that’s not likely to change, but I will say that I am fully onboard to read however many sequels are written to Starflight because this novel was such rip-roaring fun that I found myself smiling like a complete doofus by its end.

In a delightful steampunk-like blend to its intergalactic world, Starflight takes all the best parts of Firefly and flings them into a blender with the kind of story you’d find in the Starbound series: multiple star-crossed romances, technological/corporate conspiracy, and just general humourous shenanigans.

Our heroine, Solara, is fresh and feisty as hell and her relationship with the rich (and initially quite awful) Doran is such a delight to read. They both grow and develop over the course of the novel in ways that aren’t always unexpected, but incredibly welcome — and, yes, there are some great surprises that make their way in there. The best parts of the novel are with the crew of the spaceship, Banshee: together they form a motley family of people with lots of secrets and scars who decide to make the best of it anyway. It’s wonderful and it’s one of the things I’ll be anticipating most in the sequel(s).

Also, space-pirates. There are few things that catch my immediate interest and attention like space-pirates, and this book has them in spades. And they’re a delight: they may not be the main plot, but they’re definitely great set-up for some fantastic moments (and I’m guessing some future ones as well).

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