Review: Shade Me

Shade Me
Shade Me by Jennifer Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

**I won this book from HarperCollins via “first reads” giveaway here on Goodreads**

I had been attracted to the idea of a protagonist who had synesthesia, a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. In the case of our protagonist, Nikki Kill, she has a variant of grapheme-colour synesthesia: words and numbers have certain colour correspondents and she has the same association with other people’s emotions.

I had honestly thought that this book was going to be some kind of contemporary, it was much more of a pulp novel than I had anticipated. It’s a murder mystery, but not the Law & Order type of mystery. No, this is the kind that evokes something…how do I say…dirty? Grimy? Sleazy?

Ultimately, I felt a little apathetic towards this novel. I think some of the synesthesia elements were alright, but not fantastic. Nikki is a fairly two-dimension “tough girl” archetype that would appear as a detective in a pulp novel, and most of the side-characters are bland. This is an average, middle-of-the-road type of novel. Nothing spectacular, but not necessarily terrible.

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