Review: Every Heart a Doorway

Every Heart a Doorway
Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“What about, like, Narnia?” asked Christopher. “Those kids went through all sorts of different doors, and they always wound up back with the big talking lion.”
“That’s because Narnia was a Christian allegory pretending to be a fantasy series, you asshole,” said one of the other boys.

While there is certainly some interesting discourse on sexuality — especially asexuality, which I much appreciate — the actual plot and story of this novel is only okay. I mean, yeah, it’s fine, but I’m not falling over myself about it.

It’s the dilemma of interesting things are being said, but I don’t give too much of a damn about what’s happening: I don’t really care about the characters, don’t care about the place, and don’t particularly care about the murders that occur within the book. This book actually made murder seem dull! I don’t know how, but it did. Perhaps it’s the brevity of the novel and its noticeably perfunctory ending. Perhaps it’s the inconsistency with which the author manages to hold my attention and interest throughout the narrative. Perhaps it’s just me, and I am left feeling that I needed more.

Overall: I feel something almost like apathy towards this novel, but it gets 4 stars for some clever writing and zingers.

“You found freedom, if only for a moment, and when you lost it, you came here, hoping it could be found again.”

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