Review: “The Home Front: Life in America During World War II” nar. by Martin Sheen

The Home Front by Audible Original
4 stars out of 5

I am both astonished and excited that this was, for a limited time, free from Audible. Astonished, because hello this is Martin Sheen giving us an amazing insight into what it was like at home during WWII.

I’ve read a good number of books on WWII in my time, but listening to this series — which is presented as a single audio piece, “episodes” broken into “chapters” — made me realize just how few of the books I’ve read or series’ I’ve seen are actually dealing with what it was like for those who weren’t off fighting in the European or Pacific theatres.

What was it like for the people at home?

Well, pretty interesting, actually. In its different parts, the series covers a myriad of social topics and pieces of history that, I think, don’t often get enough coverage, and it has no problem calling out a whole host of the societal issues that plagued 1940s America (racism, anti-semitism, sexism, et al.), because it wouldn’t be a proper series on “the homefront” if that weren’t addressed.

Sheen is a delightful narrator/host/guide and the audio taken both from the period and later interviews from various eye-witnesses, historians, and scholars create a series that’s both informative and entertaining to listen to.

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