Review: “Walk on Earth a Stranger” by Rae Carson

Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson
Walk on Earth a Stranger (The Gold Seer Trilogy, #1) 
by Rae Carson

4 out of 5 stars
It took me far longer than it should have to read this book. It’s sat on my kindle for who knows how long, started at at least three different points in time, and only just finished now.

I don’t know why — okay, well, that’s not entirely true: I sort of know why?

This book is a slow burn, and something about the notably slow start made me antsy. Where was the adventure? The search for gold and the survival? Definitely not in the opening quarter-to-third of the book. It wasn’t until I was over halfway through the book that I realized how vital that slow start was: it allowed me to spend a lot of time with our protagonist, Leah Westfall, and to empathize with her before being flung into some rather harrowing situations with her.

And, wow, does the back half of this book PICK. UP. and pick up fast. The moment the wagon trains start heading west, that’s when the real adventure starts. There’s action, adventure, romance, births, deaths, and plenty of drama that never feels ridiculous. Despite the one element of magic — Leah’s “gold sense” — this is more historical fiction than it is anything else, and I, for one, cannot wait to see where the other two books take this story.

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