file_000Madeleine (“Mad”) Cassier firmly believes that sleep is overrated and the idea of having a “social life” is optional. Bred and raised on a constant stream of media, it’s no wonder she decided to go major in Digital Video & Cinema from James Madison University’s
prestigious School of Media Arts & Design, while also minoring in English and selling her devotion to the Marching Royal Dukes as a flautist and piccoloist.

She even vanished to London for her final semester, and spent that time consuming copious amounts of coffee with an independent film production company. She currently works as a Creative Producer in Richmond, VA, while also freelancing her skills to local clients and directors. In her nonexistent free time, Mad is known to write scripts, edit short films (and lots of fanvids), read and review books both for fun and sometimes for publishers, produce podcasts, write blog posts. and fling heavy things around at the gym.