Heartsong to the City

I cannot help but wonder if I love this city because, right now, it is not mine. I am a traveler and a wanderer, a stranger in a foreign land with no responsibilities or cares, because this is not my home. I would love it to be. I would love to be here, living in […]

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Pure Imagination

If you take the Tube down south past the river, changing onto the overland line and taking a bit of a small walk, you’ll end up in a district known as Brockley. I’d never been to this part of the city, and admittedly had to let the Citymapper app guide me like Dorothy down the […]

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Dreaming Dials

It’s easy to see why London inspires so many writers, especially fantasy writers. It is an immortal city, where the old and new sit side-by-side in surprising comfort. Ruins of the Roman walls of Londinium can be found but a stone’s throw away from a 19th century pub and a 21st-century skyscraper. It truly is […]

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A Shattered Visage Lies

The sands brush across her face, soft and warm, granules coating her skin in a glittering layer of pale dust. A few paces before her, two great trunks of dark stone rise higher, higher towards the clear azure sky. Heat from the sun beats down hard, throwing harsh, glaring light onto the ruined, shattered visage […]

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Memory Glass

I land to rain. This isn’t all that surprising. After all, last time I was here, I joked that I didn’t see the sun for the entirety of my stay — which is almost true, though admittedly more fiction than fact. But it’s raining now, and not just the mists and drizzles that usually grace […]

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Cave of Mind

Nota bene: I am currently abroad in London, so while I’m here, I will be writing what is likely to become a series of posts that combine the experiential, the factual, and the fictional. There is a magic to traveling abroad, and my mind likes to make full-use of that magic. Please enjoy these quasi-fictional ramblings, as […]

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