Review: The Palace Job

The Palace Job
The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

**Thank you so much to Amazon Publishing for providing me with a digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley for the purposes of review**

A magical heist novel? Sign me up immediately!

As the first book in a series, this is a promising start. The characters are a joy, ranging from the badass female head thief, who may as well be called Zoe Washburne because that’s how I’m going to remember her in my head; a wizard with a rather questionable set of personal mores who can tell some top-notch “your mum” jokes; a unicorn with virgin rider-orientation; and a talking warhammer.

Yes, I know. You’re all salivating at this wild cast of characters. And they are, without question, the absolute highlight of this novel.

The downside is that they run the risk of disappearing amidst an uncomfortable novel-structure. The point-of-views of the characters can change mid-chapter with little warning, and even between chapters you’re never really sure who you’re reading for probably the first chunk of said chapter. It’s frustrating, because these characters are so great and the story is so enjoyable – but when the structure is this much of an impediment, then I have to dock stars from the overall rating.

Still, this is definitely a book I could easily (and still highly) recommend!

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