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Review Policy:

γνῶθι σεαυτόν

Reviewing is a tricky thing: it’s an inherently subjective medium, but I want to be able to explain myself in a way that’s almost seemingly objective. In effect, it’s the ultimate conundrum: reconciling logos with pathos in order to maintain one’s own ethos.

As a result, I keep my reviews as honest as possible, whether I have been provided a book by a publisher/author or discovered it on my own. I do my best to maintain an element of civility, even when being critical, and also reserve the right to change my opinion as time passes or if I revisit material.

I do my best to look at media I am reviewing through three lenses:

  1. The context of what I think the work is trying to be or achieve
  2. The work as art
  3. The work as entertainment


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