Backroom Whispering Blog

Hey all!

Just a quick note that I’ve got some posts over on the blog that I run for Backroom Whispering Productions. Over there, we write pieces related predominantly to science fiction and fantasy, but also on writing processes and other fun, creative things.

I have written two posts thus far, one dealing with writing characters and the other on the potential effect of historical knowledge on reader enjoyment. If you’re at all interested, please head on over and give them a read and even leave some feedback! I will be posting them to this blog as well due to them being “backlogged” posts, but in general, I will put out new blog posts for Backroom Whispering up over there first before putting them up here. So if you’d like to read me rambling on various literary topics — in a non-review format — then you’ll want to keep an eye on the Backroom Whispering Productions’ blog site!

Also, if you’re at all interested in writing a piece or two for the blog, please feel free to contact me and pitch me your idea!

Mad xx


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